Western Rice Mills: A Global Rice Company

Western Rice Mills Ltd. is a leading food distributor based in (Vancouver) Richmond, BC, Canada and has evolved into becoming a major rice supplier, rice importer, rice exporter and quinoa products distributor, not only in North America but in the global market as well. Western Rice Mills has been Organic Certified and now carries various types of grains and seeds.

For over 50 years, Western Rice Mills Ltd has been serving the rice consumers with the largest selection of rice varieties available in the world.

The company sources rice products from the major regions of the globe. The rice products are primarily produced and processed in the USA, Thailand, India, Vietnam, China, Pakistan and Italy.

Rice growing regions of the world. Rice supply.

Western Rice Mills is a global rice authority capable of handling every consumer's rice needs. To date, Western Rice Mills has established a network of major rice retailers and rice distributors throughout Canada and the USA.

If you are a food retailer or interested to become a part of our network of rice distributors, please contact us. We can help you with your specific domestic rice demand as well as your international rice export or rice import needs.

We welcome new food retailers, grocers and food wholesalers across Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and other major cities and locations in Canada) and select areas of the United States of America.

We are always considering new business opportunities in the rice industry, such as import, export, trading, exclusive distributorship and rice marketing, whether in North America or other parts of the world.

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Western Rice Mills: Global Offices

Western Rice Mills corporate head office is located in Vancouver, Canada, with exact location at Brighouse West Business Park, 6231 Westminster Highway, Richmond, British Columbia.
We have also offices in:

North America

Food and Rice Products

Western Rice Mills offers a wide range of rice varieties and food products, both organic and nonorganic food products.

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